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Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin States He Will Retire If Cut

February 9th, 2013 at 8:57 AM
By Josh Michael

It took ten NFL seasons for Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin to finally win a Super Bowl title, after losing his only other appearance in a Super Bowl when he was with the Arizona Cardinals. In an interview with NBC Sports earlier this week, Boldin stated that if the Ravens cut him, he will retire from the NFL rather than playing somewhere else.

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The statement comes at a bit of a surprise to most, as Boldin is only 32 years old and certainly has some more good football in him, as we saw this postseason, Boldin can still get it done at a high level. So why would he walk away from the game if he can't play for Baltimore? He answered that question, when he stated:

“I won’t play in another uniform,” Boldin said on the network’s Pro Football Talk. “We have a saying, once a Raven, always a Raven, and I’ll always be a Raven.”

This could bode as very good news for the Ravens front office because it was looking very promising that Boldin was going to be a victim of the salary cap as he is due $6 million next season and Baltimore is in a situation where they have to cut some expenses, but now it looks apparent that Boldin may be willing to restructure his contract, which would be huge for this offense and Joe Flacco if Boldin can remain a target in 2013.

All of this is very unique because Boldin is coming off of a great postseason in which he reeled in 22 catches for 380 yards and four touchdowns, and also had his most productive season in a Ravens uniform this year with 65 grabs for 921 yards. Boldin will be entering the final year of his contract, if he his not cut, but with his bold remark of I am a Raven or I am not playing could be a restructuring of his deal in order to be more salary cap friendly and would make all of Baltimore happy to see him stay in the black and purple.


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